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Technical support

ASKA guarantees the best quality of technical service for the customers. Our clients can be sure that every issue will be treated individually. We have highly simplified our procedures so that the problem could be solved as soon as possible without any delays.

Service Centre

Long-standing cooperation with Chainway resulted in creation of service centre where all guarantee service and repairs after guarantee period take place.

 ASKA has over 20 years of experience in servicing devices with Automatic Identification. We have gained more abilities and experience while cooperating with the worldwide known manufacturers, what ended up in the creation of the professional service centre that complies with the highest quality standards.

Our staff is highly qualified and continually improves their skills by participating in numerous courses and trainings. Thanks to this, our customers can be convinced that every defect will be removed with great care.

When you contact ASKA, you can be sure that our calls are answered by a live person, not an automated system or a voicemail service.

Service contract

In order to come up with our clients’ expectations, ASKA proposes such service contract that guarantees fast repairs or exchange of damaged devices. Our clients don’t have to worry that they won’t be able to use their device and consequently, that their company will suffer financial losses due to service repairs. During the contract, ASKA provides the clients with substitute device and guarantees that their device will be repaired very soon – time limits are regulated by the contract.


 All devices offered by the manufacturer come with a 12-month guarantee. It is possible to extend the guarantee period up to three years for an additional fee.

 You can extend the guarantee period in the moment of purchase or within 12 months after that moment (before the guarantee is extended, the device undergoes obligatory technical service.)


* - guarantee terms can differ depending on the individual distributor’s policy.