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The utilization of RFID technology in the laundry-related branch of industry became remarkably popular in Europe several years ago. The development of technology and especially – more and more excellent UHF frequency-based solutions have granted new possibilities to both device producers and users. The initially utilized HF band-based RFID technology did not grant such spectacular results as the UHF one, which allow for remote readings.

Chainway has been intensely developing its devices from the very beginning, doing its best for them to be suitable for RFID-based purposes. Due to the said fact, the natural step has been to utilize readers compatible with all the available frequency bands, namely – LF, HF, UHF in its devices. The current, new range of data collectors in the form of C72 and 76 models has shown that Chainway is in the top when it comes to producers offering efficient devices capable of reading RFID tags remotely – especially by taking advantage of the UHF band that is the leading one in the laundry-related industry.

A mobile terminal fitted with an UHF reader and a barcode reader is as indispensible device in laundries, where the registration of items of clothing at the stage of delivery and collection is of utmost importance. It is especially useful in clothing rental and working apparel servicing sectors. In both cases, the supervision over the status of a given item is vital and information relating to it should be sent to the system as quickly as possible.  

When it comes to laundry-related applications, we would like to highly recommend the ASKA Pralnia Laundry System, as well as dedicated laundry-specific tags by Fujitsu and Datamars. Said equipment can be complemented with Chainway mobile devices, especially with models fitted with a proprietary circulating antenna.