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About us


Chainway is one of the most leading producers of industrial handheld terminals in China and Asia. It owes its position, from 10 years now, to investments in new technologies and innovative solutions that enabled to create specialized portfolio of mobile devices characterized by high elasticity of specifications. The principle “All-in-one” is a priority for the company, that’s why data collectors offered by the producer can be equipped with: RFID reader operating in different band – HF, LF and UHF, 1D/2D barcode reader and popular technology of wireless communication: WiFi, Bluetooth or GPRS.

The aim of the company is to provide its users the devices of the highest quality. That’s why we care about what the user’ think about terminals. We want our products to be perceived as reliable and high quality devices. The aim of data collectors is to make the everyday work easier and increase the productivity of field workers.


ASKA has been present on Polish and European market for 20 years. It supported development of barcodes and RFID technology very actively. Since the very beginning of its activity, the company opted for the best producers and suppliers in the business by basing on their experience and products. ASKA appreciates high quality standards and products, so it supports development and sales of devices offered by Chainway for the European market for 3 years now. The mutual cooperation resulted in the fact that ASKA obtained the status of Chainway official partner. As a result, in 2011 European service centre was built and it provides active support for suppliers, resellers and producer integrators.

ASKA activity is concerned with distribution of Auto ID and RFID devices, including creating of IT support for the offered products as well as both technical and service support for the clients.