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The utilization of the RFID to label and control both cattle and pets makes it possible to quickly pair information stored in the system with a specific ID of a given animal. Specific HDCAP regulations, as well as pieces of information on health condition, feeding, and storage may be effortlessly ascribed to a specific animal thanks to the use of an IT application and RFID readers.  

A remarkable interest of breeders in animal control and quick access to data has motivated the Chainway company to create a solution dedicated to animal management. As a result of comprehensive examinations, a dual reader has been created that allows for reading tags in both HDX and FDX-B standards. Yet another benefit is the utilization of an adjusted antenna installed on a  jib, which allows for reading animal tags without the necessity of coming close to them.

Mobile application connected via API to the stationary system dedicated to cattle management makes it possible to quickly update information on animals, as well as to register all events connected with them, such as: feeding, milking, treatment, or location change. Thanks to that, the system can be regularly updated by providing it with detailed information on animal status. The application in question can generate dedicated reports, which may be a proof for veterinary bodies or a basis for further analyses and claims on breeding undertaking management.