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Pet and cattle control/registration
  • 01 July 2011

To address the expectations of the market in relations to pet and cattle control/registration, Chainway, the producer of data collectors has introduced a module allowing for gathering and managing RFID readings by means of the FDX-B and HDX standards to its offer. The module is enclosed in a case which makes it possible to utilize it in the following models: C3000, C4000, and C4050. It may cooperate both with the Windows CE 6.0 operating system and with the Android 4.4.2 one. Yet another advantage of the device is an external antenna with the so-called LF stick. It has the form of a bar of the length of 96 cm, which makes reading cattle tags remarkably easier and boosts working ergonomics. Thanks to its use, the operator can avoid going up to close to an animal with the data collector.  

Labeling pets with RFID tags allows for saving and storing various data strictly relating to a given animal, such as date of birth, feeding type, race, etc. Identification based on the use of the RFID system becomes quick and easy. The gathered pieces of information can be stored and processed in an IT system in a desired manner, depending on breeder’s requirements.  

Tablets with barcode readers were expected to revolutionize the Auto ID-related sector. Together with the increased interest in tablets among casual users, there has been a remarkable increase in cases of their utilization to perform everyday office and storage-related tasks. Experience has shown that a tablet is not the most efficient solution when it comes to daily work. The device has turned out to be ill-suited to performing tasks it has been entrusted with. Also, it has been noticed that phones can easily overshadow it. A tablet with a barcode reader has turned out not to be ergonomic and users have frequently complained about a short battery life, which is the key factor when it comes to mobile worker efficiency.

The market has quickly verified the usefulness of tablets in everyday work and currently the most popular ones are the ones that are highly durable and resistant to all types of mechanical damages and falls, which was the shortcoming of classic units. Additionally, the new ones are frequently fitted with more durable batteries and more power-efficient barcode readers. Time has shown that western device suppliers have quickly reached the top of the industry, especially by quickly and efficiently dealing with both cheap and ineffective eastern solutions.